Geoffrey K Weule

Once Upon A Record by Geoffrey K Weule

Once Upon A Record - Front Cover

'Once Upon A Record' takes the reader behind the usually sacrosanct doors of the music industry...

Geoffrey Weule has worked, with some of the greatest names in music and entertainment. His career, spanning more than half a century, covered record retail, record companies, artist management, music, video publishing and live shows.

His open and frank style of writing reveals a personal story of an entertainment industry that has changed dramatically. His stories, always deliciously told, will amaze and entertain. Very few of us managed to go shopping with Michael Jackson, have a beer with Slim Dusty, champagne with Dame Joan Sutherland, or nearly get murdered in Hollywood.

Forsaking a promising singing career, Geoffrey chose to adopt a lower profile behind-the-scenes of the entertainment business, and in doing so has been able to document a tantalising account of a truly remarkable life, and a glimpse of times past.

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