Geoffrey K Weule

Biography – Geoffrey K. Weule

Geoffrey K Weule

Within weeks of working in a music store in regional Australia, and forsaking a musical career, Geoff Weule found himself in London working for, what was then, ‘The Greatest Recording Organisation in the World’. His career spanned 18 years with EMI bringing Geoff into contact with some of the industry’s greatest showbiz names.

For well over 50 years Geoff has been involved and associated with many music industry firsts that ultimately led him into the film and video industries, and then returning to the music business, finally ending his working career as a college lecturer, passing on his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Taking full advantage of being, in the right place at the right time, Geoff Weule’s career path has mirrored an industry that has experienced change after change, together with amazing technology advances and innovations that have occurred in his lifetime.

In 2017, MoshPit Publishing, published his autobiography, Once Upon a Record. The book was an instant success as Geoff was able to take the reader behind the sacrosanct doors of the Music Industry, giving an intimate glimpse of its inner workings, a privilege only granted to a select few.

Now semi-retired, Geoff lives in the beautiful Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, and decided to turn his hand to writing fiction. The story of Jimmy O’Sullivan, the lad from Mildura, is the result.